Sometimes we have to reflect on our own habits to see what might be holding us back from achieving our fitness goals and maintaining our newfound health. Are you habitually doing things that are sabotaging your fitness goals?

For example, I often hear that someone doesn’t have time to eat breakfast. No doubt, their bed is warm and cozy and the snooze button is so easy. But, if they would go to bed 15 minutes earlier and wake up just 15 minutes earlier, they would have enough time for that first meal and get themselves closer to their diet goals.

Here are the most common excuses that I encounter from clients and peers, and sometimes I’m guilty of doing them myself:

1. Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep does wonders and leaves enough time to adequately exercise, prepare meals for the day, take over the world, etc.

2. Skipping Lunch

If you skip lunch preparation at home, you’re more susceptible to being tempted to swing by a fast food restaurant and pick up something convenient (read: unhealthy and counterproductive).

3. Extra Calories From Snacking

How many of us love to snack on junk food in the evening while watching TV? It’s an instantaneous reward, but perhaps the biggest common habit that slows us from reaching our weight loss goals. Those little snacks add up into big calories!

4. Too Much Alcohol

It’s been a long day and you consume a beer or two. Next thing you know it’s happening multiple nights a week. Alcohol is high in calories and slows fat metabolism, and is another very counterproductive habit.

5. Mindless Electronic Usage

Staring at social media on your phone instead of getting tasks done, means you have less time for meal prep, mental rest, exercise and other healthy habits.

So, take a step back to reflect on and analyze your daily habits. Are there any that may be holding you back that can easily be adjusted?

5 Ways You Don’t Realize You Are Sabotaging Your Fitness Goals

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