In one of my newsletters, I gave everyone a snapshot my average day and what I eat. Some of you were very surprised by the quantity I eat. The most prevalent questions are

  1. Why do you eat so many meals in a day?
  2. Does eating more to lose weight works?

The quick answer is yes, eating more to lose weight works.

No. I’m not trying to tell you what you want to hear.

There are four important reasons why I eat meals every three hours, and the nutritional approach and philosophy applies to all programs I put together:

First, Eating More Meals Influences My Blood Sugar

Meal timing and frequency keeps my insulin levels from spiking. Remember, high levels of insulin pushes nutrients into cells and it impairs your ability to use fat as a fuel source. If you want to burn more fat, you’ll want to eat more frequently.

Second, Eating More Meals Elevates My Thyroid Hormones

Eating more frequently elevates my levels of the thyroid hormones T3 and T4. This in turn helps to keep my metabolism stoked. Allowing me to burn more calories overall throughout the day and night.

Third, Eating More Meals Keeps Me Energized

The frequent meals offer me more opportunities to get in all the high quality, essential nutrients that my body needs. Keeping me healthy, vibrant and energized.

Fourth, Eating More Meals Helps Me Absorb Protein Better

In my personal plan, I eat a lot of protein. This is important because higher protein amounts let me get the calories I need, without overeating starch and fat. However, the typical digestive tract can only break down and absorb 50 grams of protein at any one time. By spreading out my meals, and thus my protein consumption throughout the day, I ensure my digestive tract has time to absorb the protein I eat.

Conclusions Eating More to Lose Weight

While there are other variables and factors, these four points are the main reasons why I take my overall calories and split them up into numerous meals. For these reasons, you can eat more to lose weight.

Eating More to Lose Weight – Why Your Calorie Restricting Diet Isn’t Working

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